It’s too hard.

I can’t do this.

It will never work.

4 little words.  Strung together in a sentence.  Casually.  Yet so dramatically powerful.

It’s too hard.  And you give up.

I can’t do this.  And you don’t get started.

It will never work.  And you don’t even give it a try.

4 little words. Determining your outcome.  Silently.  Yet so dramatically influential.

4 little words.  That you don’t have to listen to.

4 little words.  That you can swap.

For other words.  Strung together in a sentence.  Quietly.  Yet so dramatically powerful.

It is doable.

If others can do this, so can I.

I can do this.

Let’s just get started and see what happens.

It may be hard, but so what. I just give it my all.

It might work, it might not work. The best way to find out is to get started and do it. Wholeheartedly and with all I’ve got.

What words are holding you back?  What other words would empower you to get going?

Word cloud through Wordle.

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