1. Saying “yes”, when really you want to say “no”.
    2. Saying “no”, because you are afraid others will think you are crazy, if you say yes.
    3. Thinking about others first.
    4. Thinking about others only.
    5. Taking that job, because it looks good on your resume.
    6. Not taking that job, because it seems too frivolous.
    7. Dramatizing a mistake.
    8. Pushing away that nagging feeling of discomfort.
    9. Saying “yes”, because you are afraid to hurt someone else’s feelings with a “no”.
    10. Saying “no”, because you are afraid to fail.
    11. Getting lost in re-re-re-thinking things through.
    12. Not getting started, because you are afraid to fail.
    13. Judging yourself for not getting started as a pathetic failure.
    14. Dwelling in self deprecating thoughts.
    15. Shelving your dream as “oh, well, it was just a nice dream”.
    16. Doing something you love doing.  Then making a mistake and giving up.
    17. Doing something you hate doing.  And keeping doing it.
    18. Getting stuck in “he shouldn’t have done this to me.”
    19. Believing you have to go to that party.
    20. Believing you can’t change careers anymore.
    21. Pretending you are happy, while feeling miserable.
    22. Looking for what is not there and dismissing what is there.
    23. Craving attention of others.
    24. Craving approval of others.
    25. Needing permission of others.
    26. Trying to be perfect.
    27. Telling yourself you are not good enough.
    28. Telling yourself that this will never work.
    29. Comparing yourself to others.
    30. Trying to be everything to everyone.
    31. Dismissing your anger.
    32. Down talking your achievements and exaggerating your mistakes.
    33. Driving that car, because everyone else does.
    34. Believing you are a victim.
    35. Believing you have no choice.
    36. Fighting reality.
    37. Making a mistake and covering it up.
    38. Making a mistake and blaming others.
    39. Gossiping.
    40. Mindlessly watching television.
    41. Hiding.
    42. Drowning yourself in “it should have been different” when the result is not as expected.
    43. Blaming yourself for not reaching that result.
    44. Making that different result equal “I am not good enough”.
    45. Forgetting what joy feels like.
    46. Numbing out.
    47. Making “Oh, well, I’ll realise this dream of mine after I retired.” your mantra.
    48. Adopting a “whatever” approach to life.
    49. Building a wall around yourself.
    50. Doing something, because you think they expect you to do so.

What ways have you been using to leave your self?

Inspired by 50 ways to leave your lover.

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