Sometimes we believe that everybody should share our dreams.

Sometimes we believe that everybody should cheer us on.

Sometimes we believe that everybody should care as much as we do.

And so we wait for the cheering.  The approval.  The support.

But sometimes all we get is silence. No interest.  Criticism.

Then we fall silent.  Hurt.  Disappointed.  Alone.

We start doubting our dreams.  Our chances of making them work.  Our chances of succeeding.

We give up.  Shelve our dreams.

For later.  For maybe someday.  For never.

But why should they share our dreams?

Why should they cheer us on?

Why should they care as much as we do?

And why should their doubt make us give up?

Why should their lack of interest make us stop?

Why should their criticism make us shelve our dreams?

I love it when people cheer me on, support me, show genuine interest.

But I learned that I don’t need it to work on my dreams.  To turn my dreams into reality.  To live my life instead of theirs.

Sometimes I feel hurt.

That’s when I fall into the trap of thinking that I need their support and cheers to succeed.

That’s when I believe in the lie that I need their approval to make it.

Of course it’s great when having it.

But the truth is I can do it without.

The truth is that I can learn from their criticism.  It helps me to make my dreams better, to spark new ideas and actions.

The truth is that I can learn from their lack of interest.  It triggers me to check in with my dreams and my why, to get in touch with what is meaningful to me, to recommit to what matters to me.

The truth is that I can learn from their silence.  It forces me to find my own voice and speak up.

And I learned that along the way people show up.  People I know.  People I’ve never met before.  People that share the dream.  People that love the dream.  People that help and support.

I am grateful when that happens.  I am loving it.  Yet I know that I’m not dependent on it. And that makes me enjoy it even more.

So here’s to the naysayer and the yaysayers – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for helping me turn my dreams into reality.

Thank you for helping me owning my life.

Thank you for helping me living my life instead of someone else’s.


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2 Responses to A drizzle of dreaming, a touch of lies and a dose of gratitude.

  1. jane says:

    this is so timely for me An – thank you <3

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