And so we frantically search for our purpose, we plan to change our lives accordingly, and think

“That’ll be it.  Then I’ll be done.
From then on, I’ll be joyful and fulfilled for the rest of my life.
From then on, I’ll live happily ever after.”

Well, in my experience, that’s not how it works.

In my experience, we spiral our way upwards, continuously discovering the next step as life unfolds and gradually becoming more of who we are with each step we take.

Everything we do brings us more clarity on our strengths, our values, on who we are and how we want to live our lives.

Just taking the next step each time allows us to uncover and to align ourselves with what is giving meaning to our lives.

This spiralling is a constantly evolving process, a process of emerging, not knowing what the outcome will be, but knowing that the very next step will present itself when we really listen to ourselves.

This spiralling involves failures as much as successes.

This spiralling involves some people not liking you as much as others adoring you.

This spiralling involves getting “no” from some people as much as getting “yes” from others.

This spiralling involves saying “no” to some people as much as saying “yes” to others.

This spiralling requires us to do things we’ve never done before, but to feel the fear and do it anyway.

This spiralling requires us to be honest with ourselves, to embrace where we are right now – compassionately and with curiosity.

This spiralling requires us to approach life as an experiment where every choice we make is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves.

This spiralling requires us to commit and recommit, to fall, get up, dust ourselves off and move on, straight ahead or adjusting our course, as needed.  Taking a small step each day.

This spiralling is wildly scary and wildly rewarding.

This spiralling is confrontational and stunningly clarifying.

This spiralling is working hard and having tons of fun.

This spiralling is infectiously inspiring.

Because you inspire more of you.



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