But, hey, there you go!

I am posting this as a huge reminder to myself.  I might as well hang a banner on my living room wall “Get some sleep”.  And put a sticker on my laptop “Snooze Now”.  And attach a magic needle to my chair that automatically starts punching me when it’s time to get some sleep. 

Cause this is such a huge challenge for me:  creating enough time for myself to rest.

And oh yeah, I know, on a rational level, that getting enough sleep is vital for your health, your immune system, your stress level, your energy, your mind, your alertness, your spark, your creativity, your sense of humor, your happiness, your resilience, you name it.


When the moment comes to transform that knowledge into practical actions like stop writing, shutting down the computer and going to bed, I always have some other small thing to do (finish that one post, read that one article, write out that one idea, browse one more time to that newssite, check my emails one more time).  And by the time I finished all those small things, well, an hour has passed and I still am chained to my laptop.

So, here it is, next to the banner, the sticker and the needle, all I need to do is just watch this one video, and then it’s really time to get some sleep…


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