A while ago, I bought myself a new blouse.  A blue one.  And not just any regular blue, but my favorite blue. 

“I adore this blouse.” 

“Wow, you look fabulous!” 

“You are awesome!”

That’s what I thought, when looking at myself in the hallway mirror, after a long day at work.

I felt happy.  Cheerful.  Abundant.

And decided to make a picture of myself, posing in this adorable blue blouse. 

An hour later, my impromptu selfportrait project had gotten a bit out of hand.  258 snapshots.  Some were good, some fuzzy, some worked, some didn’t. 

But I had so much fun. 

I felt happy.  Cheerful.  Abundant.

Now, you might be tempted to think that it was the blouse that made me feel happy.

But let me tell you, it wasn’t the blouse.

It was my mind.

It was my thoughts that made me feel happy.

I could as easily have been standing in front of the hallway mirror, thinking something along these lines:

“Look at you, even in this blouse you still look pathetic.” 

“Look at you, trying to look stylish.  What a waste of time.” 

“Look at you, wearing a blue blouse will not make up for your crappy life.”

How do you think that would have made me feel?

Crappy.  Miserable.  Small.

How do you think I would have spent the evening?

Blaming and judging myself.  Finding escape in mindless TV watching.  Or browsing the internet to distract myself.  Or eating to forget the pain.

I certainly wouldn’t have created this collage.

I certainly wouldn’t have had so much fun.

And that is how it always works. 

It are not our circumstances, but what we believe to be true in this moment that is creating the way we feel in this moment

It are not our circumstances that create the way we feel, it are our thoughts. 

It was not the blouse that created my joy and abundance, it were my thoughts. 

I could wear exactly the same blouse and feel miserable.  The only difference would be my thoughts.

And that’s how it always works. 

How are you feeling in this moment?  What are your thoughts creating this?

Photo by me.

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