I’m sitting here behind my laptop and I don’t know what to write about.  No idea. 

But, hey, no worries! 

Let me just think for a second about what I want this post to be.

It has to be something good wonderful fabulous super great.  It has to be something that makes you stop and think.  That makes you try on a different perspective, even if only for a second.  It has to be creative, original.  It has to read like a train.

And with those thoughts I startwriting staring at a blank screen.  Browsing to other websites for inspiration.  No idea I come up with meets my criteria.  Browsing through my list of ideas for blog posts.  Nothing there is good enough.  Browsing through my books.  Nope, nothing there either. 

And so, we are back to square 1:  staring at a blank screen.  And feeling miserable.

Just as I want to throw my laptop away in anger, I decide to try on another thought.  A very simple one.  One that has helped me before.

Just start writing.  Anything.  No matter what.  The ideas will follow.

And that thought makes me feel determined and open.  And makes me start writing.  This very blog post.  On thoughts and how they impact our feelings and actions. 

On how my initial thoughts made me anxious, made me dismiss all the good ideas I came up with as not “wonderful fabulous super great” enough.  And how I ended up with a blank page.

On how different thoughts changed the way I felt, made me write.  And how I ended up with this “wonderful fabulous super great enough” post.

What thoughts are keeping you from doing the things you want to do?

What other thoughts will propel you into action?

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