Coaching is not a “how to”-quick fix.  Coaching is about you reconnecting with your “why”.  And the rest follows from there.

Coaching helps you to dive into your life, into what’s blocking you, into what’s bursting to get out there.

Coaching offers you questions that help you dive into yourself.  And it’s up to you to dive in.  Or to keep standing on the shore.

Coaching offers you a different perspective.  For you to take on board.  Or to discard.

Coaching offers you tools to take ownership of your life.  And it’s up to you to play around with them and use them.  Or not.

Coaching guarantees a journey.  An exploration.  Genuine goals are emerging.  You’ll discover them as you go along. 

Coaching needs doing.  Actions flow from new perspectives.  Results follow.

Coaching offers you questions, tools, perspectives to take ownership of your life again.  

But actually taking ownership of your life, no-one can do that for you, only you can

And it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.


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