We measure ourselves against perfection.

We measure ourselves against what our life should look like.

We measure ourselves against what we should have achieved by now.

We measure ourselves against other people that seem to be having what we want.

We measure ourselves against the person we think we should be and currently are not.

We select our comparison points nicely far out of reach and then we beat ourselves up for falling short.

And then we feel inadequate.

Each time we make the comparison.

About 100,000 times a day.


But there’s another option.


We know that we will never be perfect, but we do our thing, imperfectly, wholeheartedly.

We are grateful for what we have and know that there is so much more to come.

We are grateful for our achievements and for all the opportunities we get to grow even further.

We are inspired by other people and learn from them.

We know we are exactly where we are supposed to be in this moment.

We know we are in the process of stepping into our power and becoming more of who we really are.

And then we feel empowered.

Each time we believe in us.

Each time we choose us.


We always have access to both options.  Which one do you choose?

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