“Oh my! I don’t know what to write about.”

“I really really really don’t know.”

Now, you must know that I love writing.

And you must know that since I woke up this morning, I’ve had a handful of awesome topics to write about popping up in my mind.

And you also must know that I have a jar in my living room where I keep all my writing ideas, jotted down on colorful pieces of paper as they pop up in my mind during the week.

And yet, there I was.

Doing the dishes, lamenting that I had nothing to write about. Vacuuming the living room to the sound of “I really don’t know what to write about”. Flipping through a magazine feeling panicky because I really really needed to find something to write about and I really really didn’t have anything to write about.


A little lie.

Making me feel miserable and panicky.

Making me get no writing done.

And spoiling my day.

Cause that’s what little lies do.

As long as we let them.

As long as we believe them.

Even though there is massive evidence against them.

My hand hovered in mid air above the magazine as it hit me. That I was telling myself a little lie. With a paralysing power. Stopping me from doing something I actually love doing.

My eye caught my ideas jar. I thought of all the topics that had already crossed my mind since waking up this morning. I thought of my love for writing.

And that’s when I felt inspired.

And that’s when I started writing.

What little lies are you telling yourself that keep you from doing what you love doing?


Photo by me.

2 Responses to Those little lies.

  1. I keep an idea bowl. I oftentimes use it when I am doing a wordmongering writing sprint: write on each topic for five minutes or so and move along. I love it…

    And as far as lies, I gave them up in 2011. I am finally getting very good at it. No hiding, no lies. Cool, eh?

    Glad I found you via the Reverb11 linky at Carolyn Rubenstein’s place. Hope to see you around!

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