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I am so stuck!
I am so not living my full potential!
This is a topic that has come up a lot lately for my clients.
On first sight the thought “I am not living my full potential” seems to suggest “I know there is more to come, I know I am capable of more”.  
When we take a closer look at our reality however, this very thought doesn’t live up to its “can do” abundance promise.  
At all.  On the contrary, we feel stuck.  And angry at ourselves for being stuck.
Instead of motivating us and propelling us into inspired action, this thought paralyses us, drains us and keeps us exactly where we are – in a place of lack and not good enough.
And the reason why this thought doesn’t cast his magic spell of “can do” abundance and inspired action, is that we think that thought from an “I am not good enough right now” perspective, implying “I need to live my full potential and then I’ll be good enough.”
Which – of course – is a plain old lie.
How different would our life be, if we would already now choose to live our life from an “I am good enough right now” perspective?
I am good enough right now, and I know there’s even more to come.
I am giving it my all right now, and I know I can create even more great things in my life.
I am awesome right here right now, and I am in the process of uncovering and sharing more of my awesomeness with the world.
Imagine how that perspective would make us feel.  Imagine how that perspective would propel us into inspired action.  Imagine how that perspective would really make us tap into our full potential.  
Each day.  A bit more.  On step at a time. 
So get up, put yourself out there, embrace your already awesome self and become even more brilliantly you.  
So damn awesome.  
So damn unstoppable.  
So damn inspiring.
What's bubbling and brewing?
There’s an “I am so not living my full potential” eGuide cooking for you in the Own Your Life kitchen! 

As a long term user of that very same phrase, I’ll be sharing why this mantra isn’t working, give my reasons for not liking that phrase anymore and present an alternative view

There’ll be plenty of room for you to get your hands dirty and create your very own power thoughts to put even more of your brilliance out there in the world. 

Keep an eye on your mailbox!  


4 Responses to Why reminding ourselves that we aren’t living our full potential, doesn’t work.

  1. I love love love this post, An :) . My favorite reminder you noted: “I am awesome right here right now….” That is just SO liberating — to let go of the shackles of the should’s and have to’s… and embrace ourselves just as we are, right now in this moment.

  2. What is limiting us for a fuller life is for most people ourselves. Yes, trust yourself, say I am good, and keeping doing what you believe in. Positive thoughts bring positive attitude. At the same time I think it’s important with humility and self-reflection so as not to become cocky. Thanks for lovely words.

    • An says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Otto! I so agree that often we are the ones limiting ourselves and holding ourselves back. Often we carry around lots of beliefs about why things won’t work and why we’re not good enough. And often we then settle for less. Self-reflection, being honest with ourselves, questioning those limiting beliefs and then taking massive action from an empowered place are so powerful in creating a fuller life, step by step. Thanks for your lovely comment!

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