We have tantalizing dreams.

We have exhilarating plans.

We have dazzling goals.

And we keep dreaming.

We keep making plans.

We keep setting goals.

Without actually taking any action.

Without getting our hands dirty and doing the work.

Without diving in and making things happens.

Because we are trapped in our own lie.

That we need to have it all perfectly figured out before we can get started.

That we need to have all the answers upfront.

That we need to build in that seeming guarantee for success.

And so our dreams keep floating in thin air.

Our plans only live on paper.

Our goals are still far away.

But imagine for a moment that we would live without that lie.

That we would know that we can figure it out as we go.

That we would know that we just need to take the next step.

That we would know that we just need to do the very next thing.

Honing in on our dreams, our plans, our goals with every step we take.

How many more dreams would we realise?

How many more goals would we reach?

One step at a time, figuring it all out as we go.

Not because we’re nonchalant.

Or don’t care that much.

Or have that halfhearted “oh, we’ll see”-attitude.

But because we’re determined.

And care so very much.

And wholeheartedly wanna dive in.

Finding answers as we go.

Learning from the steps we’ve taken already.

Being teached by our awesome successes and our brilliant mistakes.

Checking in with our dreams, our plans, our goals.

Figuring out the next step.

While walking.

That’s what gets us there.


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2 Responses to I need to have it all figured out.

  1. Lenny says:

    Wow!!! Very well said! And so true!!! Dreaming is fun but, at some point you need to take action! Step by step!
    Thanks for all the advice! I’ve learned a lot!!

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