For there is


either good or bad,

but thinking makes it so.

~ Shakespeare (taken from Hamlet)


Comes with a video!

There’s a cute little story in there.

And a huge disaster and a big opportunity.

And shoes.

And lots of hand waving too.


8 Responses to The huge disaster and the big opportunity. (And there’s some shoes involved too.)

  1. Blaze says:

    Girlfriend….you are rocking the video sphere! Woo Hoo to you!!!

  2. Mindy Crary says:

    Awesome quote, awesome post . . . the past several years this quote has been a theme in my life, and something i have been consciously trying to change about myself. I used to be the guy who thought it was a disaster no one was wearing shoes :o) Now, I always try to ask myself, “What’s GOOD about the situation? What am I supposed to learn from this?” That’s helped me so much, but listening to your story made me realize how far i have come, yay!

  3. Ah yes, seeing opportunity without looking naive is one of my great challenges. Thanks!

  4. Yvette says:

    An, wow you are a natural! Awesome post and is something that I’m consciously making sure I do on a daily basis. Thanks for the reminder looking at the opportunities, the positive side, the learning when something doesn’t as planned or when something that you have no control over happens instead of wallowing in negativity is a key skill for success. Thanks, An!

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