Some people will not like what you say.

Some people will judge you.

Some people will disapprove.



Some people will lie to you.

Some people will misuse your trust.

Some people will ignore you.



Some people will say harsh words.

Some people will blame you.

Some people will gossip about you.



And then there’s you.

Amidst it all.


And you might tune down what you say.

(Hoping to get their approval.)

And losing your voice along the way.


And you might adapt your style.

(Hoping to win them over.)

And losing your sparkle along the way.


And you might change what you do.

(Hoping to avoid the judgement.)

And losing your dreams along the way.


But know that losing yourself

is a high price to pay

in a futile attempt to quiet their harsh voices,

gain their respect and stop the judgement.


It’s a high price for you.

And a high price for us.


Because you and us,

we both need your voice, your ideas, your sparkle,

your views, your creativity, your work

to make this world a better place.


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8 Responses to Losing yourself.

  1. Andrea Owen says:

    Awe….this made me misty-eyed and all tight throaty. Thank you so much for thinking of me! Yep, that was me for years, you nailed it!
    Off to share…

    • An says:

      And you’re not the only one! I can write about it, because I’ve been living it too 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Andrea! Big hug!

  2. Sherri says:

    I love this! There are so many women in my life – my daughters, my sister, my best friend – that I’m going to share this with. Thank you!

  3. Lenny says:

    Recognizable…again!! 🙂
    Great words!!

  4. Janey Kyle-Scott says:

    Thanks – needed this today (and yesterday)

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