Sometimes I’m afraid to ask.

Because I’m afraid of the “no” I’ll get.

Because I think that that “no” means I’m not good enough.

No, you’re not a good enough writer.

No, you’re not interesting enough.

No, you’re not a good enough friend.

And it’s not that you are telling me that.

It’s just me.

Telling that to myself.

Abundantly and in anticipation of the dreaded “no”.

And so I don’t ask.

But imagine all the “yesses” I’ve missed.

But imagine all the great opportunities that I let slip by because I’m afraid of a “no”.

That might not even come.

So I made a deal with myself.

From now on, I’ll just ask.

Expecting a “yes” or a “no”.  Both are fine.

Because a “yes” doesn’t mean I’m great.

And a “no” doesn’t mean I’m not good enough.

It’s just what I’m making them mean.

I know I’m wholeheartedly imperfectly giving it my all and doing my thing.

And just that is making me more than good enough.

Regardless of what you might say.

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