Do things your way. Your brilliance is what we need in the world.

Laugh. A lot.

Say yes when you mean it. And no when it’s not a 100% yes.

Fail. Often. Then dust yourself off and move on.

Don’t get stuck in how things should be. Accept them as they are. And do your thing from that place.

Make your own rules. And break them when they no longer serve you.

Rest. As if your life depends on it. (It does.)

Don’t expect people to know when you need something. Just ask.

Give. Because you want to, regardless of what they’ll do with it.

Indulge in what makes your energy soar.

Let your fascination lead the way.

Play. Abundantly.

Give yourself permission to be who you are.

Give others permission to be who they are.

Some will like you. And some won’t. Be cool with that.

Don’t use harsh words to make you feel bad.

Appreciate praise. But don’t need it to feel good about yourself.

Allow yourself to feel the way you feel. Because you know there’s wisdom to be found in there.

Allow yourself to do the silly thing. Because you know there’s freedom to be found in there.

Dream. Like a child.

Ditch drama. Choose to empower yourself instead.

Apologize for the things you regret doing. Don’t apologize for who you are.

Embrace imperfection. And thrive because of it.

Give it your all. Always.

Honor your unique style. And show it.

Listen to your unique voice. And use it.

Get out there and do your thing. Because it inspires you.

Inspire yourself.

Be you. Unapologetically.


Photo by me.  The crazy hair too.

10 Responses to The freedom manifesto of the savvy imperfectionist. (Comes with crazy hair days.)

  1. Lenny says:

    Really great post!!
    Very well written… with just the right words!
    Nice message! I really must keep it in mind!
    I try to be inspired on a daily basis… 🙂
    I just pinned it on my “nice words” Pinterest board.

  2. Orilea says:

    Your posts always deeply resonate with and inspire me. This one brought tears to my eyes… oh, the reminders of TRUTH.

    Thank *you* for being YOU! It matters, as you so eloquently remind us. <3

  3. Yvette says:

    WOW! Succinct, Inspiring so powerful! Looking forward to more of your special sauce.

  4. An- I just LOVE this! Fantastic!!! I shared on my FB wall. I want others to see it! xoxo

  5. Karen says:

    I just found this today and really love it! Laugh a lot and fail often! Let yes be yes no mean anything not 100% yes! Brilliant!

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