A perfectionist believes

she’s only loveable and worthy

when she’s seamlessly fitting in and flawlessly perfect.


An imperfectionist knows that

she’s loveable and worthy

when she shows up as her genuine self.


And that makes fitting in and flawless perfection

not needed,





What are you choosing to believe?


Drop the lie of perfection.

Embrace the truth of imperfection.

Embrace your truth.

Embrace your genuine you.


This post is part of The August Break series.  While I’m taking an August break to refuel and relax, to dream and scheme, to absorb and create, I’m treating you to a daily – Monday through Friday – refreshing nugget of inspiration.

Short and sweet.  Thought-provoking and heartfelt.  Gentle and firm.  Empowering and powerful.

Dive in and inspire yourself to do your thing in the world.

Unapologetically.  Radiant.  Irresistible.



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