I almost cannot believe it.

Tomorrow, exactly 1 year ago, on January 17th, I hit publish on my very first blog post.

It all started with this fabulous quote:

 It’s not the years in your life that count.
It’s the life in your years.

~ Abraham Lincoln

Since then, lots of things have happened.  A whole year has passed.  With ups and downs.  With excitement and fears.  With laughter and disappointment.  But most of all with pride for doing my thing.  For keeping at it.  For making it work.  For picking myself up time and again. For choosing to take the next step each time.

I loved browsing my writings.  I loved to see how the same messages kept coming back.  Of living our life instead of someone else’s.  Of doing our thing, regardless of what other people might think.  Of seeing things as they are, not as we think they should be.  Of choosing to give it our all, in our own brilliant way at our own pace, imperfectly yet wholeheartedly uniquely ourselves.

Here’s a hand picked selection of 10 posts that spoke to me most when strolling through them.  Completely subjective.  Just my take.  From my vantage point.  After 1 year of writing.

Click the titles below to read the related post.  Enjoy!


1.  The one that started it all.

My very first writing that got published on the blog.  I remember working so hard on it.  To tweak sentences.  To reread.  To doubt whether I should blog or not, whether the message would be clear.  To wonder whether I would be able to post something week after week, whether I’d not rather give up right away.  But I’m so glad I didn’t.  I’m so glad I chose to hit publish that day.

2.  The one with the 50 ways to leave yourself.

I love it when I get inspired by things I hear, do, see, smell.  By things I’ve been through or things I’m going through.  But sometimes I get inspired by something I just jotted down.  One word brings another one.  One idea launches another one.  And all of a sudden I hear Paul Simon humming in my head.  The 50 ways to leave yourself were born.

3.  The one about them.

Sometimes we think that they‘ve got all the answers, that they are so much happier than we are, that they are always so confident.  And that we – in contrast – are so lacking, under par, not good enough.  But rest assured, they don’t have all the answers, they’ve got sorrows, they struggle with insecurities of their own.  

4.  The one with the video.

What we focus on is what we see.  That’s the truth.  And that makes it so easy to mislead ourselves.

5.  The one with the poem on success.

Sometimes I write to ponder on where I am in that moment.  Sometimes I write to muse about what’s going on for me in that moment.  Sometimes a poem flows out.

6.  The one with the glass.

The half empty one.  Or the half full one.  Depends on the perspective you take.  Depends on the perspective you choose to take.  And which one you choose is not without its consequences.

7.  The one that made me cry.

I love it when something so small and seemingly trivial as contact lenses unveils a much deeper lesson and becomes a powerful metaphor.  After writing this one, I took the lesson and stopped crying over my lenses.

8.  The one that I reread time after time.

Because I want to do things my way, at my pace and live my life instead of someone else’s.

9.  The one about good impressions and other paralysing stuff.

This one came from a conversation and really got me thinking and writing.  I’ve been in that same paralysing place so many times. And I’ll be in that place so many more times. But I know I can leave that place whenever I want.  And that makes all the difference.

10.  The one about beauty.

A musing about beauty and what I learned the past year about beauty.


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  1. I’ve loved reading your blog An. Congrats!

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