“I don’t know.”

A phrase we avoid.

Because we don’t wanna look stupid and be the only ones that don’t know while everybody else knows.

Or seems to know.

Because they might be avoiding the “I don’t know” as much as we do.

And so we all keep stuck in the “not knowing” while pretending that we know.


“I wanna know.”

A phrase to use abundantly.

Because we wanna do the smart thing and learn, regardless of what others think about it.

Or seem to think.

Because they might be craving for “I wanna know” as much as we do.

And so recognizing what we don’t know yet, might get us all to explore, learn and grow.


And at the very least, we will.

And that’s what matters.


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2 Responses to The phrase we avoid.

  1. Lenny says:

    So true.
    I’m gonna “Pin it” on my “nice words pinboard”!!!

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