Our health is important.

We say.

But then we do

junk food.

little sleep.

sitting behind our pc all day.


Our friends are important.

We say.

But then we do

not reach out to them for a good chat.

not return their calls.

miss out on dinner dates.


Living a fulfilling life is important.

We say.

But then we do

work that drains us.

hang out with people that make us feel less than.

shelve our dreams.


This is important.

We say.

But then we do

something else.


And that’s fine.

As long as we listen to what we do.

Because what we do speaks volumes

about what we really think we should spend our time on.

about what we are afraid of.


We say our health is important,

but we really believe we don’t have time to go out for a run because we’ve got more important work to do.

We say our friends are important,

but we really believe that we should finish that project first.

We say we wanna live a fulfilling life,

but we are afraid we will fail and haven’t got what it takes to make it work.


Once we know what our actions are telling us

we can refocus on who we wanna be and what we wanna put out there.

With our words.

And our actions.


What do you say is important?

And what do you do instead?


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10 Responses to This is important. We say. (And then we do something else.)

  1. Debra Smouse says:

    I’d say my biggest “say I want’ then “not do” would be exercise. I always feel so much better after a run or a bike ride – yet I find that if I don’t get out the door before 9 AM, it doesn’t happen. Time to change it!

  2. Lenny says:

    Something to keep in mind!
    You made me think & rethink! 🙂
    New blogbanner … cute!

  3. Mindy Crary says:

    My biggest “I want” then “not do” is connecting with friends more . . . I am an introvert at heart, so it takes some doing to get me out and connecting with people–but I never regret when I do! I need to schedule some friends in for next week, thanks for the bump!

    • An says:

      You’re welcome, Mindy! 😉 My post bumped me into picking up my running again after months and months of saying I really should (but never did).
      If you’re looking for an awesome, thoughtful and beautiful book on introversion – Susan Cain’s book “Quiet (in a world that can’t stop talking” comes highly recommended! I’m reading it right now and it’s so so worth the read!

  4. Blaze says:

    Yep…exercise for me too. Thanks for the gentle nudge An.

  5. Right now, I think that the biggest item on my “say it’s important then ignore it” list is quality time. Quality time working on my business, quality time with my husband, quality time with my friends, quality time relaxing…. there is a shortage of quality time in my life right now, and I need to look at that, stat!

    • An says:

      Being in the moment and doing 1 thing at a time is a huge quality booster! Like spending time with your friends and really being there 100% (and not worrying about your biz to do’s at the same time), or relaxing and really being there 100% (and not worrying about the dishes that pile up on the kitchen sink at the same time) – you get the idea 🙂

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