Sometimes we don’t do things because of our concerns, doubts and fears.

They are never gonna say yes.

This is too silly.

This is never gonna work.

They’ll think I’ve gone crazy.

I’m not qualified, smart, interesting enough.

Sometimes we do things despite the concerns, doubts and fears.

This might work, so why not give it a try.

I’ve got nothing to lose.

This could be fun!

I’m just gonna do this.

If they can, so can I.

We do different because we are telling ourselves something different.

We do different because we think different.

And those thoughts are just a choice we make.

A choice that we’re sometimes not aware of.  But each time our actions will tell us what we’ve been telling ourselves.

A choice that we can make deliberately.  And each time our actions will tell us what we chose to tell ourselves.

A choice that we can make whenever we want.

Any time.

Any day.

What do you choose to tell yourself?


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18 Responses to This is too silly. (Or this could be fun!)

  1. Lenny says:

    This is sooooo recognizable!
    A few weeks ago, I was thinking: “should I do that???”
    “Is it worth it?”
    But then I thought: “I’ve got nothing to lose” “I’m gonna try”
    We’ll see …
    Great blog post! Looking forward to the next one!!

  2. Sally says:

    This is gorgeous thought, eloquently written. Awareness of choice can be sooo life transforming, can’t it?

  3. Debra Smouse says:

    I so love coming here to read your writings, An. I always get such a boost of love and positivity. Thank you. And, here is to embracing our silly moments and allowing them envelope us in the joy!

  4. Dana Boyle says:

    Love this:

    “our actions will tell us what we’ve been telling ourselves”

    I am going to ponder that for a bit because that’s the stuff of panning for gold.

  5. Mindy Crary says:

    I love how your energy automatically changes to being open and receptive the moment you say “why not give it a try?” You’re showing us in this article that change doesn’t need to be a huge commitment, it can just be about receptivity. Cool!

  6. Ha! Have you been rooting around in my head? I’ve been vacillating between those two so quickly I’m surprised I don’t have whiplash! And I’m doing that on a variety of issues/projects, for extra fun.

    Also: life is robbed of so much joy when we are afraid of appearing silly. It has been one of my ongoing projects to be aware of when I’m unconsciously doing that, and to stop. Life is just too short to dampen my enthusiasm!

    • An says:

      You just crack me up, Joanna! And so agree with you – life definitely is too short and too valuable to sweep all our yummy ideas and dreams under a “this is too silly” carpet! And all it takes is compassion with ourselves and an empowering thought to get those yummy ideas from under the carpet and out in the open again.

  7. Gail Kenny says:

    Today I noticed myself not wanting to feel some physical discomfort. I changed that resistance to just allowing my body to feel however it right now.

    • An says:

      Amazing how a shift in what we tell ourselves (“I am just gonna allow my body to feel however it feels right now.” instead of “I don’t want to feel this.”) changes our whole experience. Thanks for sharing, Gail.

  8. Blaze says:

    Today I’m choosing to tell myself that everything I want can be real, and already is real! (And it would be so ding dang fun to eat candy out of a bulk bin like that–just makes me smile a wide toothy grin!)

    Hugs, Blaze

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