December is Quote Month over here on the blog.

I’ve always been an avid quote collector and have always been fascinated by the power and profound impact that just a couple of words – seemingly casually strung together in one compact phrase – can have.

They can inspire.  They can turn our perspective upside down.  They can make us ponder and see things from a different angle.

They can be confronting.  They can be moving.  They can be surprising.

And when they stick with us, we start approaching life from a different, more empowered, more inspired place.

Each weekday you’ll find a fresh quote on the blog for you to taste, savor and take with you in your day-to-day life.  If you like ’em, please do share ’em with your friends.  Use the buttons below and Facebook, Twitter and Pin ’em to your liking!  🙂

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2 Responses to Quote#3 – What’s your opinion worth?

  1. Lenny says:

    but these last days, I’m not so sure anymore… 🙁

    • An says:

      Yes, that happens! And that’s when reminders that our voice matters as much as theirs can help 😉
      What often happens, is that we see other people not agreeing with us (or doing things we don’t want them to), as a sign or proof that we (and our views) don’t matter. But what they do, says nothing about our worthy-ness. It’s just them having a different point of view or a different plan. No more, no less.

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