Don’t do that.

Always do this.

You should do that.

You are not supposed to do this.

(So don’t even think about it.)


You made the rules you live your life by.

Sometimes they make sense.

Sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes they propel you into action.

Sometimes they hold you back.


Break the rules that are no longer serving you.

Create new ones that empower you to live your life.

Instead of someone else’s.

Use them abundantly.

Till they no longer serve you.


Then you know it’s time to break them again.


Don’t become a slave of your rules.

Your rules are there to serve you.


What self-imposed rules are holding you back?

What new rules can you create to do your thing in the world and be true to who you are?



Photo from here.


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4 Responses to You created the rules you live your life by. (So you can change ’em too.)

  1. Lenny says:

    Great photo…wow!!
    Gonna keep this in mind: quote: “Don’t become a slave of your rules.
    Your rules are there to serve you.”
    Sometimes it’s difficult to “forget” your rules…sometimes it feels like
    you’re not doing enough…I must change this point of view! 😉
    Thanks for another great blog post!! XO

  2. Great post! I find that most of the rules holding me back are things I’m not even consciously aware of, like “You have to do everything right on the first try, or you’re a fraud.” I would *never* consciously think that! And yet it comes up and holds me back more often than I care to admit!

    • An says:

      Great point, Joanna. Taking the time to explore and figure out what we’re really thinking (even if it sounds stupid, silly or seems to be unimportant or illogical) is so worth it and important. Because only if we know what we’re really believing, we can shift our perspective.

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