1.     How do you wanna feel on a typical day?

2.     What do you believe about yourself and your life that makes you feel that way? (Practise those thoughts.)


3.     Imagine you feeling that way (envelop yourself in that feeling, right now, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes).  Being wonderfully immersed in that feeling, how would you look at yourself and your life? (Practise those thoughts too.)

4.     What books, quotes, people, blogs, … ooze those beliefs and inspire and energize you? (Collect those inspiration boosters in your very own inspiration jar and take a big gulp each day – whether you feel like you need it or not.)


5.     What are the things that you do that make you feel “in sync” with yourself? How can you do just a little more of those on a typical day?


6.     What are the things that drain you? How can you do just a little less of those on a typical day?


7.     What do you find yourself fascinated by or attracted to (even though it doesn’t seem to make sense, even though you feel resistant about it)? (Often our fascination points us to something we need to bring into our lives.  But don’t be fooled by appearances – a fascination for cooking doesn’t mean you need to start your own restaurant, but might point to a craving for deeper friendships as your mind associates dinner parties with the warmth of blossoming friendships. )


8.     What exactly about those things is so fascinating?  And how can you bring more of that into your life? (Is it the creativity in the kitchen or the need for friendship or the desire to live more healthy or the can-do attitude of the kitchen queen you admire?  What little thing can you do to bring more of that creativity or friendship or health or can-do attitude into your own life?)


9.     What achievement would make your heart sing and soul soar? Why?


10.   How do you think you’d feel once you achieved that? (Set that feeling as your intention for the journey.)


11.   How will you deal with obstacles and setbacks during the upcoming year?

12.  What books, quotes, people, blogs, … will help you when you fail or when you find yourself being judged by others? (Create your very own pool of wisdom that you can dip into whenever things don’t go as expected or hoped for.)


13.    How will you celebrate the effort you put in? (Make a list.  But above all, make sure you take the time to celebrate even the smallest step you take – regardless of the result.)


14.  How will you take ridiculously good care of yourself? (Don’t save on this – it’s vital.)



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