1. Believing we haven’t got what it takes.
  2. Believing we can make someone like us.
  3. Wanting to control what others do or say.
  4. Believing we know nothing.
  5. Believing we know it all.
  6. Believing they know it all.
  7. Giving up (because we believe we can’t make it work).
  8. Not giving up (because we believe that quitting is weak).
  9. Pretending to be happy.
  10. Believing perfection = happy.
  11. Pretending we don’t care.
  12. Being our worst critic.
  13. Believing that what they say about us is always true.
  14. Believing we’ve got nothing of importance to contribute.
  15. Believing we’re boring.
  16. Believing we need to fix ourselves to succeed in life.
  17. Not taking the rest we need.
  18. Pushing away our feeling of discomfort.
  19. Wanting to be like someone else.
  20. Hiding.
  21. Taking things too seriously.
  22. Not setting boundaries.
  23. Living out other people’s expectations.
  24. Forgetting to play.
  25. Believing a mistake is the worst that can happen to us.
  26. Never-ending worrying.
  27. Believing there’s a wrong and a right way to do things.
  28. Believing a never-a-doubt-or-worry-always-happy-never-a-cloud-in-the-sky life exists.
  29. Believing we should have been further ahead by now.
  30. Forgetting to be proud of where we’re at.

This blog post was triggered by the April Fools’ Day buzz – a day dedicated to fooling others.  Yet there’s so many ways we – unknowingly and unwillingly – fool ourselves.  Every day.  And so I thought I’d come up with a – non-exhaustive (!) – list of ways in which we often fool ourselves.

Got some more ways in which we tend to fool ourselves?  Let us know and share your wisdom below!

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2 Responses to Why every day is April Fools’ Day.

  1. Lenny says:

    Euh….long list…recognizable items… 🙂
    I keep some of these things in mind…but after a while I forget…
    and I need to start over…again. 🙂
    But like you wrote…making a “mistake” is not the worst thing that can happen… we can learn from it!! 🙂
    Thanks for making me “think” and “re-think”!! {heart} it! 🙂

    • An says:

      Yes, definitely – forgetting we are fooling ourselves, catching ourselves and recommitting – that happens to all of us! That’s part of living life to the fullest! xo

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