It’s the 9th of July!  It’s my birthday!  Yay!   🙂

And in celebration of my birthday on the 9th,

here’s 9 tried-and-tested guideposts for doing your thing in the world!


1.  You need to do it.

No-one will do it for you.

They shouldn’t.

They can’t.


2.  Action is indispensable to make things happen.

The smallest actions will do.

Slow and steady gets you there.


3.  Being honest with yourself is foundational to

doing your thing

instead of living out someone else’s dream.

Being honest about how you truly feel, what you really think.

Being honest about what you truly want, what you really need.

Being honest about what you truly like, what you really don’t.

Being honest about where you are.

Even though it might not be where you think you should be.

Especially when it might not be where you think you should be.

4.  Recommitting is golden.

Slipping into old habits will happen.

Mistakes will happen.

You’ll screw up.

You’ll get results that are not what you were aiming for.

They’re not a reason to give up, to be harsh on yourself, to shelve your dreams.

They’re an invitation to reconnect with yourself, to learn and move on.

5.  Doing your thing is fulfilling and liberating.

Even though the waters may be wild and rough from time to time.

Even though it will not always be an easy, obstacle-free, smooth sailing.

You’ll fail.  Fall.  Get hurt.

But not doing your thing is no smooth sailing either.

Not doing your thing is working hard to be someone you are not.

It’s working hard to chase their liking and approval.

It’s exhausting.

And you’ll fail.  Fall.  Get hurt.

And you’ll stop liking yourself.

And you’ll shut yourself off from the people that truly get you.

Because you’re afraid to let yourself be seen.

And that’s such a pity.

Unfulfilling and constraining.


6.  Doubt, fear and worry will be daily companions –

and that’s a good sign.

Every time you step out of your comfort zone,

every time you do something new,

every time life throws something unexpected at you,

they’ll be there.

And that’s ok.

They’re part of living life to the fullest.


7.  Fascination is you, letting yourself know

what you truly want.

Even though what fascinates you might seem silly, stupid and crazy.

Exploring what pulls you in is where you come into sight.

Worship curiosity and playful exploration –

they’re generous pathways to what makes your heart sing and soul soar.


8.  They will frown, not be interested,

judge, blame, not understand.

And that’s fine.

There will be others that cheer you on, who are interested,

embrace, share, understand.


9.  How you see yourself is how you experience life.

How you see yourself drives how you feel, what you do and don’t do.

You’ve got what it takes.

You are as worthy as anybody else.

You are worthy – no matter what they say, no matter what they do.

You don’t need fixing.

You don’t need hiding those *wrong parts* of yourself.

It’s ok if you don’t like what they like.

It’s ok if you like what they don’t like.

It’s ok if you’re not a copy of them.

Those *wrong parts* are what make you beautiful to the people that really get you.

Those *wrong parts* are what make you you.

Embrace them.  Honor them.  Nurture them.

You’ll thank yourself for it.


And tomorrow.

And all the tomorrow’s after that.



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