This blog post is part of a 3-part series curating some of the most popular blog posts as well as some of my personal favorites.  They broadly cover 3 themes:  the myth of perfection, our people-pleasing reflex and those nagging failure worries.  This last week dives into our incessant worry about past and future mistakes…  Enjoy!

We make a mistake.

And then relive it again and again, feeling worse after every replay.


We write that email.

And then reread it 378 times before hitting send.


We so wanna make our dream happen.

And then we lose ourselves in worst case scenarios of what could go wrong.

And do nothing.


Here’s 6 sizzling liberating views

on screwing up, dropping the ball, making a mistake.

And doing our thing nonetheless.


Right under this one button!  Click and find out!


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