This blog post is part of a 3-part series curating some of the most popular blog posts as well as some of my personal favorites.  They broadly cover 3 themes:  the myth of perfection, our people-pleasing reflex and those nagging failure worries.  This week kicks off the series with some serious myth busting…  Enjoy!


Ah, perfection…


So often praised for making us better.

So often credited for our successes.

So often worshipped as the holy grail of blissful happy living.


Yet, it’s our imperfections

that get us there.


To the fulfilling life that makes our heart sing and soul soar.

To the genuine connections that truly nurture us.

To the moments that take our breath away.


It’s our willingness to fail and make a fool of ourselves,

that is the gateway to great great joys and soul-filling achievements.


It’s our willingness to not be liked by some,

that allows us to be truly loved by others.


It’s our willingness to embrace our quirks, our crazy dreams, our wants and needs,

that paves the path for the joy and freedom that come from being in sync with ourselves.


Here’s 5 Myths of Perfection… Busted!


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