This blog post is part of a 3-part series curating some of the most popular blog posts as well as some of my personal favorites.  They broadly cover 3 themes:  the myth of perfection, our people-pleasing reflex and those nagging failure worries.  This week is all about our people-pleasing reflex…  Enjoy!


What will they think?


Will they like it?  Approve?

Will they think I’ve gone crazy?  That I’m boring, stupid and silly?

Will they think it’s good enough?  Will they think I’m good enough?


They won’t like it.  They’ll disapprove.

They’ll think I’m losing it.  That I’m boring, stupid and silly.

They’ll think it’s no good.  They’ll think I’m not good enough.


And then we feel small, lacking, incompetent, insecure.


We work hard to figure out what they expect us to be.

We work hard at complying with all the explicit and implicit should’s and should not’s.

We work hard at being the perfect version of who we think we’re supposed to be.


Liking the right music.  Reading the right books.

Proposing the right idea.  Shutting up when we’re not sure they’re gonna like it.

Hiding our crazy dreams.  Shelving our passions, strenghts and contagious laughter.


Chasing the dreams that others hold for us.


Feeling lost, drained, uninspired, resentful, sad.


Here’s 7

powerful perspective-shifters

to refocus on

our beautiful-yet-often-hidden-because-we-think-it’s-not-good-enough-to-let-it-show selves.


Right under this one button!  Click and find out!



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