This week’s post is a special one!

For the very first time ever I’m having someone else over at the blog as I’m talking to Lori Deschene from Tiny Buddha.

We’re talking Prince William, being vulnerable and the 1st humans that roamed the earth!

Plus, we dive deep into the topic of (not) loving ourselves and the draining impact of chasing perfection.


Lori has devoted a yummy book to all things self-love:

  • there’s 40 stories on self-acceptance and loving ourselves for who we are (rather than who we think we should be) from 40 cool contributors (and ahum, yes, I’m so honored to be one of them!)
  • there’s little assignments, nudging you to take action and reconnect with yourself;
  • and there’s Lori’s guidance weaving the stories together the way only she can.


“Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself” will be launched on October 8th, but you can already pre-order your copy right now.  And if you do so, you’ll get a yummy bonus pack filled with loads of goodies – worth more than $ 150.  (And, ahum, yes, I created a cool goodie for the bonus pack too!)  Check out all the details right here.

(And just so you know, the links above are not affiliate links.  I’m sharing because I just love what Lori does at Tiny Buddha.  Because I just love the book.  And because I love(d) being part of it.)


So, without further ado,

let’s hear Lori’s take on self-love

and so much more…

What made you write a book about self-love?

It’s something I’ve planned to do for a while – start a series of “Tiny Buddha’s Guide to” books, drawing from the many inspiring stories on the site.

Self-love seemed like the perfect topic to start with, since this is the core of all personal growth, and the foundation for loving others and life.

It’s also the foundation of my greatest struggles. For a long time I thought my life was a mess because of my depression, or my former eating disorder, or my lack of purpose, or my lack of money, but at the heart of all those troubles was my unwavering self-loathing.


How does your self-love show on a typical day?

There are lots of little things I do to take care of my body and mind, from healthy eating to deep breathing. But the most important thing I do for my self-love is allow myself permission to mess up from time to time.

It’s not about always accepting myself and never being hard on myself. It’s about being able to step outside my thoughts, so even if I am struggling with self-forgiveness or getting down on myself, I can observe this, acknowledge it, give it space, and then allow myself to move through it without additional self-judgment.


What do you think is the big reason why lots of people have such a hard time loving themselves (even though everything seems to be fine on the outside)?

Most of us form limiting beliefs about ourselves when we’re young, based on interactions with our parents, teachers, and peers. When someone hurts us, disrespects us, or fails to meet our needs, we assume it means we are not good enough, not worthy, or somehow flawed.

Once we’ve formed limiting beliefs about ourselves, we then learn to interpret everything that happens as proof to support these beliefs.

Even if everything seems fine externally, we can always find reasons to be hard on ourselves if that’s what we’re accustomed to doing.


Have you ever felt like you didn’t love yourself? What triggered that non-self-love?

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