Loving ourselves is not

shouting to ourselves

that we should be better,


smarter, bolder, funnier,

more happy, more excited, more loving,

more interesting, more beautiful, more successful.


Loving ourselves is not

shutting ourselves up when we wanna tell ourselves

what we really want,


our dreams, our hopes, our desires,

our guilty pleasures, our joys, our fascination,

our boundaries, our no’s, our dislikes.


Loving ourselves is

allowing ourselves

to question the shouting voices,


to point out what went right (not just what went wrong),

to list what is (not just what isn’t yet),

to show how far we’ve come (instead of just looking all the hurdles ahead),


to own our strengths (instead of being blinded by theirs),

to treat our setbacks with nurturing gentleness (just as we would theirs),

to honor the effort we put in (regardless of the result).


Loving ourselves is

allowing ourselves

to be brutally honest with ourselves,


to figure out what we like and don’t like (instead of copying their likes and dislikes),

to want what we want (instead of what we think we should),

to not want what we don’t want (even though they tell us we should),


to find out what makes our heart sing and soul soar (even when it seems silly),

to value what makes us us (instead of wanting to be more like them),

to go after our dreams (instead of sticking to daydreaming and regret).


Loving ourselves is not a one off thing.

A switch we flip after which our lives will magically change –

for the rest of our lives.


Loving ourselves is a daily practice.

A series of small steps we take – one tiny step at a time –

for the rest of our lives.


That’s where the magic is.



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