We’re waiting for the perfect time to make a change.

We’re waiting for that perfect moment to start something new.

We’re waiting for the perfect time to do that thing.


We’re waiting for the self-doubt to fly away.

We’re waiting for the fear to leave our trembling mind.

We’re waiting for the confidence to soar high.


We’re waiting for their ok and approval.

We’re waiting for the support and help we need.

We’re waiting till the inspiration knocks us over and leaves us breathless.


We’re waiting for the big break.

We’re waiting for the stars to be aligned.

We’re waiting for a sign to confirm we’re on the right track.


We’re waiting for that guarantee of success.

We’re waiting for that guarantee of failure-free and effortlessly succeeding.

We’re waiting for that guarantee of unlimited applause and praise and approval.


We’re waiting to be asked.

We’re waiting to be discovered.

We’re waiting for people to knock on our door.


We’re waiting just a little longer.

We’re waiting just another day.

We’re waiting.


But the only thing

we’re actually truly waiting on

is ourselves.


To take the first step.

To do the very next thing.

To make it happen with what we’ve got right now.


To dive in without that guarantee

of a failure-free, everybody-will-love-this

smooth sailing.


We’re waiting on ourselves

to be willing to fail and

not be liked by some.


We’re waiting on ourselves

to allow us to do that thing,

while feeling insecure, worried and afraid.


We’re waiting on ourselves

to give us permission

to stop waiting.


Are you willing to do yourself that favor?



This poem was inspired by this blog post by Chris Assaad on The Daily Love.


Photo from here.

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