It’s not because she frowned at what you said, that you’re silly.

It’s not because he didn’t like your idea, that you’re stupid.

It’s not because they are not interested in the things you are, that you are boring.


It just means that she has got a different point of view.

It just means that he didn’t like that idea.

It just means that the things you’re interested in, are not appealing to them.


Their response is not a measure of how savvy, smart or interesting you are.

Their response is not a measure of your worth.

Their response is a reflection of their views, their ideas, their perspective on things, their preferences, their style.


So next time you catch yourself making their behaviour mean something about you, pull yourself out of that false story.

Treat their response for what it really is – a reflection of their views on what you put out there.

No more, no less.


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