Worry is a uninvited guest,

flooding us with restlessness,

paralyzing questions and worst case scenarios.


Worry is a thief,

stealing our peace of mind,

natural confidence and best ideas.


Worry is a fog-sprayer,

blinding us for opportunity,

fresh ideas and solutions.


Worry is a smooth-talker,

making us believe we haven’t got what it takes,

never had and never will.


Worry is a saboteur,

presenting us with unsurmountable problems,

impossibilities and closed doors.


Worry is an isolator,

creating the illusion that we’re the only ones struggling

and shaming us into hiding our behind-the-scenes story.


Worry is an action-deactivator,

making us procrastinate,

getting us lost in its maze of obstacles and hurdles.


Worry is a liar,

making us believe we are powerless,

resourceful -less and talent-less.


Worry is a self-eraser,

talking us into being who we are supposed to be,

dutifully coloring within the lines that others set out for us.




Worry is a shape-shifter,

being what we make it to be,

taking as much room as we decide to give it.




Check back for 9 ways

we can make worry work for us

– instead of against us –

next week, right here on the blog!




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