This is part 2 in a double-take poem about worry, dissecting worry in all the ways we often make worry work against us.  And the powerful ways we could make it work for us.

Part 1 is right here.


Worry is a friend in disguise

underneath its ramblings – just wanting us to feel safe,

connected and loved.


Worry is an ally,

pointing out pitfalls,

potholes and pain points.


Worry is a relentless teacher,

spurring us on to look through the fog,

behind the confines of what’s comfortable to us.


Worry is a grounder,

forcing us to get better at standing up for ourselves,

stepping out of the hamster wheel of draining thoughts.


Worry is a horizon-widener,

challenging us to finding a fresh invigorating perspective

and an empowering story to tell ourselves.


Worry is a connector,

driving us to reach out to other people that have been there too,

for their ideas, their insights, their helpful experience.


Worry is an action-activator,

needing us to put our assumptions to the test,

because that’s the only place we can learn what works and what doesn’t.


Worry is a decision-booster,

emboldening us to make up our own minds

and cut through the draining chatter in our minds.


Worry is a clarity-forger,

demanding us to draw our own lines,

so we can wholeheartedly live our colorful truth.




Worry is a shape-shifter,

being what we make it to be,

taking as much room as we decide to give it.



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