I should have known.

I should have done this.

I should have said that.


Looking back and hindsight

hold all the answers

we were craving


when we made the call

to do what we shouldn’t have done

and say what we shouldn’t have said.


Looking back and hindsight

are inviting us to fight a fight

with should have‘s we can never win.


Looking back and hindsight

are unfair voices

subtly making us feel lacking and wrong


for not knowing what we couldn’t have known

as we don’t have a crystal ball

to predict the outcome before the facts.


Looking back and hindsight

feed on keeping us stuck in looking in the rearview mirror

imagining the success stories that could have been


but fall quiet as we decide

to look forward

to what we can do and say now


because looking back and hindsight

can’t predict the future

any more than we can.



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