I love the Oscars.  And I love red carpets.

And even though I didn’t watch the Oscars live – there’s plenty of videos and red carpet pics on the interwebs to indulge in, which – of course – I’ve been doing diligently over the past couple of days!  🙂

And of course there’s the one pic that I couldn’t have missed even if I would have been hiding in a cave – the world’s most famous and truly fantastic selfie that everyone must have seen by now…



So, tell me, do you know who that guy is to the right?

Well, I didn’t either and it appears to be the adorable Lupita Nyong’o’s younger brother who flamboyantly photobombed the big stars’ selfie.  So cool, right?

As I was watching the the day after interview Ellen DeGeneres did with Lupita (it’s right here and just watching it makes you happy – Lupita’s spontaneous laughter and charm are so infectious!), she casually said something like ‘oh, he’s living life like an exclamation point!’.

And ain’t that so beautiful – living life like an exclamation point?

I think that’s just brilliant.





Photo from here.
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One Response to Living life like an exclamation point.

  1. Lenny says:

    Totally fun post!!
    Saw that selfie too!!! It totally makes you smile 🙂

    !!!! 😉

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