We don’t own our mistakes

because we’re afraid

they will make us look bad,

stupid or pathetic.


And so we go to great lengths to

protect our image of perfection,

oozing an air of

strong powerful confidence.


But while hiding our mistakes,

covering them up,

making excuses or pretending

they didn’t happen,


we are crumbling

– behind our carefully cultivated mask –

into a heap of fear,

self loathing and insecurity.



it is by owning our actions

– even when they are not

what we intended them to be,


and even when they don’t reflect

who we truly are,

that we are aligning ourselves again

with our true selves


with class, style and integrity.

Apologizing for the lie,

cleaning up the debris,

coming up with a solution,



is so much more empowering than

being at war with ourselves and the world

over a mistake we are too proud to admit.


For it’s not the mistake

that is eating away at our confidence.

It’s our denying the mistake,

that is.



This poem was inspired by this post from Terri Cole on Positively Positive.

Photo from here.
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