Sometimes we can be really harsh on ourselves,

for not being as far ahead as we think we should be,

for having made that mistake,

for not having spoken up (I’m so lame),

for having spoken up (I’m being too difficult – they’ll stop liking me),

for volunteering to help even though we didn’t really want to,

for not volunteering (they’ll think I’m selfish),

for … well, you get the idea 🙂


For those days – and any other time really – I assembled a list of 14 things to remind yourself of to reconnect with calm, peace and grounded.

Hop on over to and check ’em out right here!



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We don’t own our mistakes

because we’re afraid

they will make us look bad,

stupid or pathetic.


And so we go to great lengths to

protect our image of perfection,

oozing an air of

strong powerful confidence.


But while hiding our mistakes,

covering them up,

making excuses or pretending

they didn’t happen,


we are crumbling

– behind our carefully cultivated mask –

into a heap of fear,

self loathing and insecurity.



it is by owning our actions

– even when they are not

what we intended them to be,


and even when they don’t reflect

who we truly are,

that we are aligning ourselves again

with our true selves


with class, style and integrity.

Apologizing for the lie,

cleaning up the debris,

coming up with a solution,



is so much more empowering than

being at war with ourselves and the world

over a mistake we are too proud to admit.


For it’s not the mistake

that is eating away at our confidence.

It’s our denying the mistake,

that is.



This poem was inspired by this post from Terri Cole on Positively Positive.

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I can’t count the times

I made a mistake

and felt horrible.


Or the times I didn’t do

something I really wanted to do,

because I was afraid to fail.


I can’t count the times

I thought the world would end

if I failed,

but it never did.


Or the times I thought

I’d never be able

to handle it,

but somehow I always did.


That’s how failing teaches us

so naturally and instinctively

to find our footing back

even though at first it feels

as if we’ll never recover.


And that’s how failing teaches us

so undeniably and unmistakably

that we are capable

of so much more

than we give ourselves credit for.


And that truth is worth reminding ourselves of

every time we use our past and future failures

to settle for illusionary safe.




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Have you ever not been doing something because you were afraid of making a fool of yourself?

Have you ever done something you really really wanted to do with a I-don’t-really-care-that-much”-attitude, hoping to make the disappointment of potential failure more bearable that way?


Well, then you might like my first ever column for that got published last Monday!


I dive into 5 powerful ways to deal with any past or future failure that are way more productive than beating ourselves up –  check them out right here!




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I saw this quote on Arianna Huffington’s Instagram earlier today


And I realized



We don’t listen to ourselves.

We ignore what we truly want.

We dismiss what we really need.

We ridicule ourselves with harsh self talk.


We just push ourselves forward,

scaring ourselves forward with the dreaded idea

of having to face what a failure we are

if we’d stop in our tracks.


How different would our lives be

if we’d start showering ourselves with unassuming gentle love

instead of bombarding ourselves with

high maintenance self-deprecation dressed up as cheerful must do energy.



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I love the Oscars.  And I love red carpets.

And even though I didn’t watch the Oscars live – there’s plenty of videos and red carpet pics on the interwebs to indulge in, which – of course – I’ve been doing diligently over the past couple of days!  🙂

And of course there’s the one pic that I couldn’t have missed even if I would have been hiding in a cave – the world’s most famous and truly fantastic selfie that everyone must have seen by now…



So, tell me, do you know who that guy is to the right?

Well, I didn’t either and it appears to be the adorable Lupita Nyong’o’s younger brother who flamboyantly photobombed the big stars’ selfie.  So cool, right?

As I was watching the the day after interview Ellen DeGeneres did with Lupita (it’s right here and just watching it makes you happy – Lupita’s spontaneous laughter and charm are so infectious!), she casually said something like ‘oh, he’s living life like an exclamation point!’.

And ain’t that so beautiful – living life like an exclamation point?

I think that’s just brilliant.





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