I think everybody’s weird.
We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.
~  Johnny Depp


Are you afraid of putting yourself out there because you’re afraid they might think you’re boring?

And do you *deep down* believe that too?

Do you worry about saying the right thing and laughing at the right time when talking to someone?

And feeling really disconnected even though you try so hard to create a genuine connection?

Are you always scanning the room to gauge their response?

And do you often seem to find signs that you must have done something wrong?

Are you analyzing a conversation for hours afterwards?

Worrying that you were being too loud, or too quiet or too outspoken or not outspoken enough?

Are you holding back your views or genuine interests because they might disapprove?

And do you often feel as if you’ve got nothing important to contribute?

Are you constantly worrying that they will judge or criticize you, or gossip about you?

And do you feel devastated when they do?

Is “oh no, that’s too silly” the first thing that comes up when you’ve got an idea?

And does that stop you from sharing your idea and acting on it?

Are you figuring out what they want when they ask you what you want?

And do you have a hard time knowing what you actually want?


Then this is something for you.


People Pleasing Reflex?

Stop that relentless

“what will they think?” worry.

(And discover the joy and freedom

of doing your thing.)



  • 4 calls
  • 3 months of dedicated email support
  • 2 people – just you and me
  • 1 focus – you


What will you get out of it?

  • You’ll identify the root cause of your people pleasing reflex.  You’ll learn how to pinpoint exactly why you can’t shake off the paralysing “what will they think?” worry.
  • You’ll explore how you are involuntarily playing a role in creating your people pleasing reflex– and what you can do to change that.
  • You’ll learn how to inject a good dose of joy and freedom in your life, not just once but consistently.
  • You’ll learn how to spot the paralysing worry while it’s in the making, miles away but heading towards you.
  • You’ll learn how to feel the fear of potential disapproval and criticism and do it anyway.
  • You’ll learn how to deal with judgments, criticism and gossip in a classy, elegant and empowered way.
  • You’ll learn how to listen to yourself again to create a life that makes your heart sing and soul soar.


Why is this different?

We’re diving deep and going for the root cause of your people pleasing reflex.

So we’re not only discussing how to deal with disapproval and criticism when it happens.

But we’re gonna dig deeper.

We’re discussing why the relentless “what will they think?” worry is so paralysing.

We’re discussing fear of not being liked.

We’re discussing fear of ending up alone.

We’re discussing the shoulds, the can’ts and mile high expectations.

We’re discussing the myth of conditional love.

We’re discussing the false promise of perfection.

And the unexpected bonus of imperfection.

We’re not gonna fix you.

That would just be a waste of time.

Because there’s nothing wrong with you.

Even though that might be exactly what you’re telling yourself – “there’s something wrong with me.”

Using that nagging worry as proof that you’re a failure.

And any (real or perceived) disapproval as proof that you haven’t got what it takes.

We’re gonna have a good honest look at what you are telling yourself about yourself and your life, about what you believe you should and shouldn’t do, about what you believe you can and can’t do.

Because as long as we keep believing the same thing, we’ll keep doing the same things.

And so we need to fix that.

What you are telling yourself.

Not you.


This is not for you if …

  • you are not willing to have a good honest look at yourself.
  • you expect a 5 minute quick fix.


But if you are willing

to have a good honest look at yourself

and take many tiny baby steps,

then this is gonna pay off.

So much more than you’d even anticipated.


You’ll learn stuff you’ll be able to apply for the rest of your life.

You’ll learn stuff you’ll be able to apply in all areas of your life.


You’ll be more peaceful and relaxed, grounded and confident.

You’ll feel much more connected and fulfilled.

You’ll be more creative, playful and fun.


You’ll start to really feel the joy and freedom of doing your thing in the world.


How does this work concretely?

I believe that

Lasting Change =  Fresh Perspective + Massive Tiny Action


The fresh perspective needs action to means something in our day-to-day world.

To become real.  Tangible.

The action cements the fresh perspective.

The action inspires more action.

And in turn, the action needs the fresh perspective to come from a place of grounded self-worth.

Otherwise it is just a random spur of the moment.

An accidental thing.

Lasting just as long as we can manage to squeeze out the last drop of willpower to keep going.

Together they interact and reinforce each other.

Create lasting change.

Coming from within.

Sustainable.  Inspired.


That’s why the Mentoring Immersion allows for both.


There’s the 4 calls to explain concepts and introduce tools.  For zooming out, looking back on where you came from and looking forward to where you wanna go.


There’s the implementation time inbetween the calls where you apply what you’ve learned.  This is where you get to practise the hands-on tools, uncover the hidden root causes, and profoundly shift the way you look at yourself and your life.  One tiny – yet meaningful – step at a time.


There’s the unlimited email support where all the day-to-day reflection, coaching and mentoring is done.

Gentle, yet direct and to the point.


And always holding you to what is possible.


This is the safe space

where there is just you and me.


This is where you get to report back on the tiny action steps you’re taking, what works and what doesn’t, valuing the action and not letting your self-worth depend on the result.

This is where I offer up fresh ways of looking at yourself and your life, fresh ways of looking at things, fresh ways of doing things.

This is the safe space where there are no shoulds or things that are supposed to be said or done.

This is where failures are as valuable as successes.

This is where there’s no right or wrong.

This is where you get to re-discover how strong, creative, smart, fun, interesting, charming, mesmerizing, beautiful you really are.


Together they form a foundational basis

to help you shake off the people pleasing reflex.

This is what the scheme looks like:

*  Pre-work  – a set of sizzling questions to reflect and re-connect with yourself
*  Day 1 –  start of the Mentoring Immersion with our 1st call
*  Day 15 – 2nd call
*  Day 45 – 3rd call
*  Day 90 – 4th call and end of the Mentoring Immersion

Inbetween calls, you can fully make use of the unlimited email support – Monday through Friday.

The nature of the email conversation gives you the freedom to do the work when it suits you best.  You can organise yourself the way you want and respond when most convenient to you.  It’s like having a conversation, but with built in time to allow you to ponder, take action and pick up the conversation again when it works best for you.


So what’s your investment?

  • 997 EUR
  • The full amount needs to be paid upfront.  To check the current exchange rate in your currency, check out this handy online currency converter.



And what’s your time investment?

  • The calls –  allow for 50 minutes for each call
  • The email support –  this depends from person to person and from week to week.  Allow for 1-2 hrs a week if you really wanna take full advantage of the email mentoring.

That might seem like a lot of time (especially when you’ve got a lot on your plate).

Yet setting time apart for yourself is what you need to start making lasting changes.

It’s a clear statement to yourself that you wanna make a change.

It’s like running a marathon.  We won’t be able to run a marathon by only running 5 minutes a day, though we’ll no doubt benefit from the 5 minute physical exercise.  If we want to run a marathon, we’ll need to reserve big chunks of time to gradually build up the physical and cardio we need to run that marathon.

And it’s the same here.

5 minutes a day are no doubt beneficial, but if we wanna make lasting changes, we need to invest time in ourselves to immerse ourselves in an abundance of fresh ways to look at ourselves and our lives, to take plenty of tiny actions, to work through what’s holding us back and re-connect with who we truly are, our dreams and desires, our talents and strenghts, our voice and style, our confidence, our grounded trust in ourselves.


Sounds good?

Shoot me an email at an@ownyourlifecoaching.com and we’ll take it from there.

We’ll schedule the calls, arrange the payment details and make sure you get the People Pleasing Reflex Detox Mentoring Immersion pre-work pack.


Got more questions?

No worries!   Shoot me an email at an@ownyourlifecoaching.com

I love hearing from you.


Not sure yet?

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Create a life that feels good

on the inside,

not just one that looks good

on the outside.

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