mulling over things that went wrong?  For days?

often worried about what they’ll think about you, analyzing their every move as a sign of their approval or dislike?  And often concluding it’s the latter?

– deep down – afraid that there’s somehow something wrong with you, even though you are working hard to fix yourself and be the person you think you’re supposed to be?



have mile high expectations of yourself, yet often feeling as if you are falling short?  Not meeting your expectations.  And not meeting theirs.

wear a happy smile on the outside, yet – if you are being honest with yourself – feeling feeling drained and exhausted on the inside?

long for waking up in the morning with that glowing smile on your face? Grateful for your life and excited for what’s to come?



doing your thing,

saying your thing,

being true to who you are – confidently and unapologetically –

no matter what they might think?



You’ve come to the right place.


Because you can have exactly that.

All of it.

The clarity of what it is that you actually want – instead of living out their expectations.

The confidence to pursue it.

The courage to elegantly handle what life throws at you and what needs handling.


Feeling fulfilled.  Fabulous.  Free.


Are ready to get the ball rolling?

Are you ready to put that zest for life right back in your life again?

This is what I’ve got in store for you!


A safe space packed with no frills coaching and mentoring to help you see how brilliant you truly are – even though you are telling yourself otherwise.

We’re not gonna fix you. Instead, we’re gonna prove how that hard work to fix yourself and to be who you think you’re supposed to be is driving you away from yourself.

We’re gonna pinpoint the rules that keep you trapped, the shoulds and can’ts that drain you.  And we’re gonna come up with a fresh right-away-applicable way to look at yourself and your life.  A way that inspires and energizes you.

But we’re not just gonna talk.

You’re gonna take lots of tiny yet powerful actions to apply what you learned and start doing your thing.  Unapologetically.

You can choose between

–   The One Call of laser-focused coaching and mentoring  –    €120 EUR*
–   A Three Pack of gentle, yet to-the-point myth busting and action-taking –    €297 EUR*
–   A Six Pack of all that goodness dedicated to putting the you back in you –    €570 EUR*

Each call is 60 minutes and comes with a “Let’s Get Focused FunSheet” to pack our time together to the brim with fresh insights and action boosters.  And a lot of soul-filling love.

Wanna dive in?  Got a question? Shoot me an email at and we’ll take it from there!

“Your coaching has been a really positive experience and I’m so glad I did it. I have never done anything like this before and the coaching made me realize lots of things about myself that I don’t think I would have come up with alone.  It struck me that I actually am an interesting person and that I am capable of a lot more than I give myself credit for. I have various phrases that I can now bring to mind when I start to get anxious or when I am having a tough time at work. I have also more confidence in myself.”
Helen A.B., Canada




“I really enjoyed our sessions, An. My coaching experience was inspirational and gave me helpful resources to move through a difficult transition time. You have a very gentle demeanor and identified places for me where there was negative self-talk.  You gave me suggestions how to change or replace with new ideas and self-talk that energized me. I was struck by the limiting thoughts and beliefs I had around creative work. I was able to watch my own thoughts more carefully and be more aware of how thoughts and beliefs are connected to emotions. I really like the advice you gave me to be aware of what gives “energy” and what “brings me down”. It was like getting a “yes” or “no” about my activities and I found myself doing more things that were a “yes”. I started taking classes at a community college and was inspired by the coursework – I realized how much energy it gave me which gave me a lot of dedication to succeeding.”
Rhonda R., United States



Wanna dive deep?

Wanna immerse yourself in what’s possible instead of only seeing what can’t be done?

Wanna take massive action to actually really do your thing in the world (instead of having a go and then giving up)?


These 3-month immersions will help you do just that.

Dedicated and tailored to what you need.

Intense. No frills.

Daily support.  No standard emails, but real life interaction.

A safe space. No right or wrongs. Just you and me.

Tell-it-like-it-is mentoring.

Gentle yet direct.

Putting the you back in you.


There’s 2 immersions to choose from:

1)  Are you living out their expectations? Do you wanna stop that relentless paralyzing “what will they think?” worry? (And discover the joy and freedom of doing your thing?)  Then check out the People Pleasing Reflex Immersion here!

2)  Does even the smallest failure leave you feeling devastated? Do you wanna shake off the failure drama in your mind?  (And start really thriving?) Then check out the Failure Frenzy Immersion here!


Wanna immerse yourself?


Spaces are limited.

Shoot me an email at to check availability.


“Through talking with you in our coaching sessions, I learned to look at things from a different angle. I am more aware now that some things are “just my thoughts”. I learned to question my thoughts and let go of them more easily.  I learned that working my thoughts doesn’t mean I have to condone everything and find everything ok. I much rather say “I don’t like that, but that’s the way it is right now”, and leave it at that instead of fighting a useless fight trying to change things I can not change and take it all personally to bring myself down. If I can take action, I will do so. But if there is nothing I can do, I have gotten much better at accepting things the way they are, instead of how I think they should be. It has been a long time since I’ve had these negative thoughts spinning in my mind.”
L. V., Belgium




*  Payments are done via PayPal, which automatically converts currencies for you.  Looking for a currency converter?  Here’s a handy one.






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